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1. How are RDAs structured?

2. Who do they report to?

3. Is London Different?

4. What do they actually do?

5. What is in a Regional Economic Strategy?

6. So what does it look like on the ground?

7. Who is in charge of the RDAs?

8. How are these leaders appointed?

9. How do the RDAs work together?

10. Where does the money for the RDAs come from?

11. What is the total budget of the RDAs?

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 2. Who do they report to?

Formally RDAs report to DTI Ministers and in London the Mayor. But the work that they do is central to, and funded by, ODPM, HM Treasury, DEFRA, DfES and DCMS, so DTI Ministers work with their colleagues to ensure that the RDAs are delivering across the board. Targets are agreed which reflect the contribution that RDAs make to a number of Departmental PSA targets and allow the RDAs the flexibility to develop solutions to fit their region. In London the targets for the LDA are set by the Mayor and central Government. Detailed reports of how the RDAs are delivering are compiled every six months between the RDAs and Government Offices. Government Offices provide an annual assessment of each RDAs performance to Ministers.

Additional accountability is provided within the region through Regional Assemblies. At the moment, these are voluntary bodies in each region that scrutinise the work of their RDA. If any region votes in favour of a directly elected assembly in a referendums then the RDA in that region will become directly accountable to the assembly. In London, the LDA is accountable to the Mayor and the London Assembly.

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