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1. How are RDAs structured?

2. Who do they report to?

3. Is London Different?

4. What do they actually do?

5. What is in a Regional Economic Strategy?

6. So what does it look like on the ground?

7. Who is in charge of the RDAs?

8. How are these leaders appointed?

9. How do the RDAs work together?

10. Where does the money for the RDAs come from?

11. What is the total budget of the RDAs?

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4. What do they actually do?

Immediately they were set up, each RDA was required to work with it's partners in the region to draw together a Regional Economic Strategy to set out for the whole region how the RDAs statutory objectives would be met and the region developed.

These strategies are owned by the whole region, not just the RDA. Importantly, they provide the context for all other economic development and regeneration activity in the region and provide Departments with a framework that sets out the direction that their policies in that region should support.

These are reflected in the regional emphasis documents that each region prepared for the Spending Review. These have enabled Departments to consider the impacts that their policies will have in the regions over the next spending period.

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