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1. How are RDAs structured?

2. Who do they report to?

3. Is London Different?

4. What do they actually do?

5. What is in a Regional Economic Strategy?

6. So what does it look like on the ground?

7. Who is in charge of the RDAs?

8. How are these leaders appointed?

9. How do the RDAs work together?

10. Where does the money for the RDAs come from?

11. What is the total budget of the RDAs?

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5. What's in a Regional Economic Strategy?

Whilst each Regional Economic Strategy reflects the needs and opportunities of its region and is therefore unique, they all contain the following elements:

  • a vision for the strategic development of the region over at least the next ten years;
  • the main priorities for development and action to deliver this vision;
  • analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that the region faces;
  • information on the region and it's economy and the key relevant Government policies for developing the region.

Regional economic strategies are available from each RDA's website in an easily printable form. Website addresses are included in the contacts section of this website.

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