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What we do

RDAs have five statutory objectives:

   1. to further economic development and regeneration;
   2. to promote business efficiency and competitiveness;
   3. to promote employment;
   4. to enhance the development and application of skills relevant to employment, and
   5. to contribute to sustainable development.

The RDAs set out how these objectives can be met within the context of their region. They do this by developing a Regional Economic Strategy (RES), with partners from all sectors. The strategies are owned by the whole region and provide the context for economic development and regeneration in the region.

The strategies can be downloaded from each RDA website. The agencies’ Corporate Plans demonstrate what each RDA will do to contribute to the implementation of the strategy. Corporate Plans can also be downloaded from the RDA’s websites.

RDAs work with people in communities and partner organisations to regenerate unused or run-down sites, and improve the quality and attractiveness of public spaces. RDAs also support enterprise and new businesses to provide jobs and stimulate the economy.

Birmingham’s Renaissance

Birmingham has undergone an urban transformation in recent years and an £80 million project will prepare over 30 acres of land in Eastside for the next phase of Birmingham's renaissance. Advantage West Midlands is working with the current landowners to acquire the land and prepare it for a Technology Park, which will create 2,000 jobs, and a Learning and Leisure Quarter, which will create 6,500 jobs and 23,000 learning opportunities.


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The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body that inspires people to demand more from their buildings and public spaces.

Confederation of British Industry
The CBI is a membership body that seeks to represent the views of business.

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