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1. How are RDAs structured?

2. Who do they report to?

3. Is London Different?

4. What do they actually do?

5. What is in a Regional Economic Strategy?

6. So what does it look like on the ground?

7. Who is in charge of the RDAs?

8. How are these leaders appointed?

9. How do the RDAs work together?

10. Where does the money for the RDAs come from?

11. What is the total budget of the RDAs?

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1. How are RDAs structured?

Each RDA is led by a Chair and a Board of 15 people. With the exception of London, where appointments are made by the Mayor, board members, including the Chair are appointed by DTI Ministers. RDA Chairs are successful business people with a track record of working within their region and understanding the needs of regional business and society. RDA Boards are made up of a wide mix of senior stakeholders within the region including local Government, the voluntary sector, trade unions and local businesses.

The day to day management of each RDA is led by its Chief Executive who is appointed by the Board, subject to approval from Ministers or in London the Mayor. Chief Executives are the Accounting Officer for their RDA. In London the accounting officer is the Chief Finance Officer. As RDAs are independent, the staffing structure of each is different, depending on the needs and priorities of each region.

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